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Thanet NUT Donates £2000 to Oppose Racism


Thanet Love Music Hate Racism, in association with Thanet NUT, are holding a massive festival in Margate on Sat Sept 11th!

At a well attended meeting of local teachers, Thanet NUT Association voted unanimously to donate £2000 to the anti-racism project.

NUT Organiser Andrew Robbins commented after the meeting, “Today’s historic vote by Thanet NUT sends a clear message that local teachers want Thanet to remain an inclusive and multicultural place for children, teachers and parents of all backgrounds”.

In the run up to the main festival, Love Music Hate Racism and the NUT will be working with local schools, to run workshops and competitions which promote an anti-racism message. Thanet pupils will be given the opportunity to enter a contest to design a Thanet LMHR logo. There will also be an anti-racism poetry competition and local pupils from a number of schools will each design and make the festival banner – to be displayed at the event.

Furthermore, there is currently talk of holding a local Thanet’s Got LMHR Talent contest!

There will be food, drink, prizes, music and dance on the day! Local school choirs and performing arts departments are invited to come and perform.

To find out more call Andrew Robbins (NUT) on: 07872564938 or Bunny La Roche (LMHR) on: 07947424505 or email: You can also join the Thanet Love Music Hate Racism Facebook group.

Anyone can get involved in this exciting community project and schools are particularly welcome. Get in touch to join us at our next planning meeting and help us throw the party of the year in Margate this September!

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