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Southbank recruitment success

PCS members at the South Bank recently held a successful recruitment event, targeting ticketing and non-retail staff.

Organised by reps Jack Goffe and Helen Burgess, this event drew interest from a variety of staff, including young members, some of whom  joined on the day.

The Royal Festival Hall was closed in 2006 under a massive refurbishment programme, funded by The Arts Council and costing over £100,000,000. The complex reopened in 2007. It has become a favourite destination for tourists and Londoners alike, showcasing dramatic art installations, concerts, restaurants, bars and shops.

However, this grand overhaul wasn’t reserved for the buildings alone. The scheme led to over 180 redundancies. Since reopening the South Bank Centre Branch Executive Committee has worked to build membership and improve organisation.

Industrial relations are generally good. However members, particularly those in Retail, are suffering due to relatively low pay, lack of cover during busy periods, differing working patterns and anti-social hours. This is why PCS members within the culture sector recently drafted a Retail Workers’ Charter, to ensure fair treatment for all our retail members, including those within the South Bank.

PCS members at the South Bank will enter into pay negotiations with management this spring.

We are planning future recruitment events under the banner ‘Have a say in your pay, join PCS today’ and look forward to reporting on our continued success.


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